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FIT Kits - Outlets for Social Engagement

April 2013 Recently, the brilliant minds behind "FIT Kits" visited our residents at the Methodist Home to demonstrate the value of engaging in meaningful activity. Elia Femia and Karen Love came to us after Cheryl Shreiner, our Director of Social Services, invited them to speak at our family council. Cheryl had previously worked with Elia and Karen on a grant project through the DC Office on Aging, and was familiar with their new venture in "FIT Kits." As a follow up to this visit, Elia and Karen offered to coach a few of our family members and residents using their materials.

What they discovered at the Methodist Home is what we have known all along: our residents are special. After seeing our residents engaged in activity with the FIT Kits, Elia and Karen asked if they could include our residents in a video that would be displayed on their website. "It has truly been a win, win experience for us all," says Cheryl. "I cannot speak highly enough of Elia and Karen."

To watch the video of our residents enjoying FIT Kits, click here or view it on the FIT Kits' website: