Your Own Infinity Your Own Responsibility – Story by Anne von Pechmann Renouf

by | Aug 18, 2023 | Residents Stories

The Argonaut returns to portage with a message: applications for Grandparenthood open at 80. Think inwardly, listen inwardly, look inwardly. Imagine, immerse, intend, care of one who is embarking upon a life, a lifeway, in need of your attention, nay indulgence.

Grandchildhood knows no age for innocence and a living death of life, a nullity pervading, finding in you a nourishment in far horizons brought near with you,  ineffable you. Your gentle reach of experience, of sagacity of truth that impel a lifting of the shroud upon your light, your essence. 

A little light, a little sound betokens who is to become; with you, grandparenthood has found the soul in need. As you transformedly learn to listen, you instill a listening by the soulful needy: welcoming the sound of your voice, the rhythm of your gait, the light you give in presence. Shared vulnerabilities become mutuality realized. Together, you find a new world, with each a unique sense of discovery; yours of long enriched perceptions, theirs of wobbling into feelingness itself: an elemental, self-perpetuating unifying identity: the ultimate education interpersonal, intergenerational, universal. While you learn to listen to yourself with your grandchild, your grandchild develops a language of self to whom to listen. 

Thus, an emergent you, speaking of infectiousness, of playful discovery: inducing transformed expectations, inviting gratitude in others who become the seeds of human ecology: a chain of being. Your message.

Anon. Anon.
Anne von Pechmann Renouf

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