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to help ensure inspiring care and compassionate living for seniors in the Washington DC metro area.

Donations to Forest Hills of DC are used to support many services and help us provide quality care to all. Please help us make Forest Hills of DC the best it can be. Forest Hills of DC is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3). Your gift is tax deductible to the extent provided by law as a charitable contribution. We appreciate your support of our organization.

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Residents Are First

When today’s seniors require nursing, rehabilitation or other supportive services in a short- or long-term residential environment, they seek not only the highest level of professionalism in delivering services but also a philosophy of care and service that places the needs of residents first.  A philosophy that ensures individual residents are safe, receive services that reflect their individual tastes, needs, and preferences, and most of all, inspires them to live their best lives.   For over 130 years, Forest Hills of DC has been a flagship for this standard of care.  With your help, we will continue this legacy so that this philosophy of service is not lost to future generations and remains available to older people, their families, and the greater DC community.

We Practice Quality Every Day

At Forest Hills of DC this philosophy is mirrored in our mission, to “continually grow as a supportive community that inspires and engages seniors.”   It underlies all of our work, which results in an industry leading standard of care.  This is reflected in consistently high quality ratings  on, and US News & World Report.

Nurse and Senior

We Are a Healthcare Leader in the Fight Against COVID

Forest Hills has been a leader throughout the COVID 19 crisis, with the best outcomes of any facility in the Washington DC area, both in terms of illness and loss of life experienced by residents and staff.  We’ve mounted a nationally recognized vaccination campaign –for both residents and staff– which has resulted in one of the highest levels of vaccination participation of any nursing facility in the country. 

COVID and other changes to the health care environment have challenged us as never before to keep our standards at their highest and to continue to inspire and serve as a model for others in the DC aging services community.  We do this in ways large and small: from providing training opportunities for nursing students to partnering with hospitals and universities on cutting edge research projects benefiting seniors, to organizing the recent, morale-building, “Fun Run” among DC assisted living and nursing facilities in celebration of our community’s collective fight against COVID.  

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Help Us Help Others

As a not-for-profit, mission-driven organization we are grateful for a culture of generosity that allows Forest Hills to provide added support to residents and team members.

Your generosity supports the following programs:

  • A growing and evolving array of life-enhancing activities tailored to meet the diverse needs of our residents 
  • A Resident Support Fund that supports long term residents who exhaust their personal finances 
  • A Staff Support Program that funds variety of continuing education, training, scholarships and other career growth opportunities for team members employees and their families; 
  • An expanding Life Enrichment Program that cultivates joint programming and activities with local schools and organizations for both our residents and older adults in the wider community

Forest Hills of DC is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3). Your gift is tax deductible to the extent provided by law as a charitable contribution.

We also have an array of giving and naming opportunities that allow you to honor your loved ones, Forest Hills team members and other individuals who contribute to the lives of older adults.

To obtain more information about donating to Forest Hills of DC, please contact: 

Ms. Tina Sandri, CEO

Ms. Vicky Parker, Director of Marketing and Admissions

 Help us provide quality care to all

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