Forest Hills of DC is reviving its volunteer program after a long Covid-related suspension

Forest Hills of DC, the senior living home at 4901 Connecticut Avenue, and its Military Road memory care facility, Forest Side, are beginning to welcome volunteers again after suspending the program for more than two years due to Covid-19.

The two homes have also resumed special outings for residents, family, and staff, including one to a national’s game.

Volunteers could find themselves participating and assisting with activities such as watercolor painting, movie night and song and dance sessions. Perhaps you also have an interest you enjoy sharing, such as baking, gardening, woodworking, or simply good conversation

I feel the benefits are mutual for both residents and volunteers,” Jordan-Leigh Harrington, Forest Hills of DC’s interim life enrichment coordinator, told Forest Hills Connection. “Volunteers get to show compassion and share their passion with those who are selflessly wanting to receive and support that beautiful opportunity. It’s a shared experience with a small act of kindness that makes a huge impact.”

Volunteers of all ages are welcome, and students can earn community service hours. To inquire about volunteering opportunities, contact Forest Hills of DC at 202-966-7623 or email or

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