Residents are slowly getting back to some normalcy.

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Community

As summer is approaching, we are enjoying the many things that allow us the time to spent outdoors, in addition to being able to enjoy so many other things that we enjoy. This was only a thought a year ago and wow . . . what a difference a year make.

We are sharing some of the enjoyments recently shared from our community, a lover of gardening, a guitar player and others. These residents are enjoying the pleasure of spending time doing what they love. Having a conversation with each other in our beautiful gardens was only a vision a year ago and yet, we celebrate getting back to doing the things so many enjoy.

Amor fati is a Latin term . . . “love of fate.”

We “love the fate” that is allowing us the privilege of having Bartley O’Hara amongst us. Mr. O’Hara is the grandson of Irish immigrants and moved to Washington, DC in 1965, where he met and married his wife of over 50 years (Judith), who is also in our community and the president of our Resident Council. Mr. O’Hara shared that his interest in gardening was peeked when he assisted his dad and neighbors with a WWII victory garden; saving a small hedge after it had been attached by grasshoppers. He gardened at his home here in Washington, DC before making Forest Hills his home and sharing his gift and passion of gardening with us.

Bartley O’Hara and Robert Rudasill (Resident)

Bartley O’Hara (Resident)

We “love the fate” of having Mr. Robert Stephens, Jr. amongst us. Mr. Stephens was born in Halsell, Alabama and grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He was taught at the age of 10 to play guitar by His father, Robert Stephens, Sr. He learned to play on the 6-string guitar and continued to play the 6-string guitar as a member of a group called the Minstrels. Mr. Stephens was also a radio personality and traveled all around the country with various radio shows. We look forward to Mr. Stephens sharing his musical gifts with us.

Robert Stephens, Jr. (Resident)

As we get back to the way of life that brings so much joy, we see it expressed in the beauty of conversation in the garden shared by our residents.

Lynette Rosser (Resident); Julia Miranda (Resident)

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