There are a few I would like to recognize. Alex is one of them. Olsa is a nurse there, and Vicky Parker. There is another one, but I can’t remember her name, I think she is from Nigeria. Her name starts with and A. Another one is from Appel. Her name escapes me right now. When I send Genia a message, I make sure she follows through. There is a lot for them to do. There are things that fall through the cracks. (The resident) seems happy there. They are responsive and they take pictures of the residents and put them on the board. They took them to a baseball game, and it was quite special. I try to drop things off for the nurses too. It’s not an easy job. The people in the kitchen, I like them and I understand the circumstances of their job and the shortage. Veronica is another nursing assistant. She is very good.

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